Trademark Objection Reply

The Trademark registry has the authority to accept the application or reject after scanning the submitted Application. The disapproval of trademark registration is the Trademark Objection.

Reasons for TM Objection

  • When characters in the Trademark have similar characters.
  • A good logo design should be creatively made with the elements like right colour Combination, sketch lines, words, texts or extraordinary design.
  • Trademarks which may serve in trade to label the kind, quality, values or other characteristics of the goods and services in question.
  • Characters present in the trademark are protected by laws.

Relative Ground of Trademark Objection in India

The Trademark Registered will be not registered on some grounds or some reasonable reasons if it creates problems or confusion in the public. If the concerned registrar rejects the application of the Trademark, the reply for the objection should be filed within one month from the date of rejection. If it is not done in the stipulated time period, application shall be withdrawn. When it comes to the reply of the objection for the Trademark Registration One should put forward the valid reasons, facts and evidences which is to support the approval to the trademark.

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