• Bank Loan Syndication


Bank Loan Syndication

Bank Loan Syndication is a loan which is given to the syndicate group which provide financial assistance to the person who needs it. The one who borrows the money can be an organisation, a project or sometimes even Government.


  1. This loan is granted to a group that is the syndicate who in turn gives financial assistance to a single borrower.
  2. This loan allows the lender to spread the risk.
  3. There is a lot of risk in this investment.
  4. The one who sends the largest amount shall be called as an arranger.
  5. This type of finance aims to spread risk across multiple lenders.
  6. The amount granted is not always consistent
  7. Floating and fixed are two forms of interest for this loan

  1. Access to large amounts is now possible.
  2. Can assist in bringing the financial institutes together
  3. Maximum cooperat6ion between the members of the syndicate.
  4. The structure and pricing are extremely flexible.
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