• Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company Registration is one of the most acquired ideas when it comes to forming a company. The established as well as the new start-ups mostly goes for the registration of the private limited company. The Private limited company has different and several advantages while sometimes it becomes a bit tough to manage this type of company formation in India in terms of other business. There will be 2 or more members in this type of company. The shared are equally or made In percentage with the owners or the closely related group. This helps the start-ups because he/she gets a partner to share the losses.

The Private Limited companies also are known for its credibility in the markets. Kanoovala is the right place if you are looking for highly efficient and co-operative assistance for the people who are looking to expand or start their business. Private Limited Company India gets the perks of getting loans, Venture Capitalists etc.

The Private Limited Company most of the time gets ample of investors so this is the plus point for the entrepreneurs who wants to start of something new. Also the good thing about this is there is flexible exit from this and is easy to sell. There are very less documents that is needed at the time of selling the Company and this is the reason why it is highly recommendable

Required Documents for Private Limited Company Registration

For Partners
  • Pan Card Self Attested
  • Single coloured Photograph
  • Identity Proof such as Voter Id
  • Card, Driving License, Passport
  • Address Proof like Bank Statement, Telephone Bill
  • Company Address Proof like Telephone Bill, Gas Bill, Rewnt Agreement, NOC

How the Processing is done?

The Private limited company registration details are as:

First step: Receiving Documents & Apply DIN & DSC

Second Step: MOA and AOA Drafting electronically in Spice MOA (INC-33) and Spice AOA (INC -34) 3-5 Days

Third Step- Submission of Spice Form INC-32 along with link Form Spice MOA (INC-33) and Spice AOA (INC-34) 6 to 9 Days

Fourth Step - Certificate Of Incorporation, PAN & TAN 10 to 12 Days


QusDoes DSC plays an important role in company formation in India?

AnsThe digital Signature Certificate is important as it is needed for filling the e-forms of the company set us electronically to Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

QusWhat criteria should one fulfill to become the Company Director?

AnsA person can become a director of a company if he is an Indian Citizen and has completed 18 years of age.

QusIs there any need of promoters at the time of incorporation?

AnsNo there is no need of any promoters at the time of incorporation.

QusHow many maximum members can set up a company?

AnsThe maximum number of members for the company formation India is 200 hundred and the minimum number of number is 2.

QusCan NRI or foreigners can hold a share in the private limited company?

AnsYes the NRI or the foreigners can have a share in the private limited company.

QusHow to choose a company name?

AnsThe company name should be simple and catchy. It is better to check on Google, MCA Guidelines and trade Mark site , the availability of the name.

QusDoes it need a capital for the private limited company registration?

AnsNo, it does not need a capital for the company registration.

QusWhat is the role of the director?

AnsThe director is assigned to look after and manage the company. It is the work of the director determine and implement policies and new ideas. The director should be a good decision maker.

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