• Working Capital Loan

Loans which are granted to the companies for the day to day expenses are known as the Working Capital Loans.

Why do companies need Working Capital Loan?

Crisis can come in every phase be it a human being or a company. The working capital loan is given to the companies when they run out of resources that manage all the necessities for daily operation. Most of the time the industries end up needing this financial assistance because there is no regular and stable revenue throughout the year. It is known that the demands tend to be high during the holiday seasons and the shortage of inventory is also common. At that time even paying of the wages becomes difficult.


  • Cover the gaps in between the seasons
  • Maintain the status quo of the production speed
  • Not pay collateral for loans in some cases
  • Fully control the company every during the tenure of the loan repayment
  • Finally get quick access to finances in less profitable seasons
Kanoonvala with its expertise will be giving you the benefits of the working capital loans for your company at your crucial time.