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Founders Agreement

Founders Agreement is a legal document laying down the terms and conditions that are to be the terms of operations between the founders of the company. The most important ingredients that must be present in every Founders Agreement are provisions regarding the roles and relationships of the founders, equity shares and Intellectual Property ownership.

Provisions for confidentiality, withdrawal or removal of ownership, conflict resolution, etc., must also be included in the agreement. To ensure that the company has economic and structural growth while protecting the interests of the co-founders, it is essential to include a Founders Agreement at the stage of incorporation of the company.

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Whats Included

- Introduction call for consultation with lawyer to get to know your lawyer and regarding the work that will be done together

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- Managing the necessary paperwork

Whats Excluded

- The lawyer shall not undertake any additional work apart from the Founders Agreement.

- You may hire the lawyer in case of any additional startup related issues that you may have.

Documents required for Drafting Founders Agreement

  • 1. Entity Registration/Incorporation Certificate
  • 2.IPR Documents (if any)
  • 3. Share-subscription Documents
  • 3. Company Contracts

Procedure for Drafting Founders Agreement

  • 1. You must hire the top Startup lawyers in your locality to help you draft the Founders Agreement tailored to meet your specific needs and circumstances
  • 2. The Founders Agreement shall be drafted and sent to you for approval.
  • 3. The Founders Agreement shall be drafted incorporating your suggestions(if any).

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